Ayurvedic Diet and Life

ayurvedic diet

How much do you eat for a day? Is it balanced or overfilled with oil and carbohydrates? If it is so, do you manage time to do exercises for half an hour and burn the extra fat?


The answer is no most of the times. We live a busy life and do not have time for this food management. Then how can we avoid illnesses? The answer will be the ayurvedic diet. 


You can prepare deliciously as well as healthy meals depending on the concept, Ayurvedic diet. Most of them are easy to make too. It tells you not only what to eat, but also when to.


A brief overview of an ayurvedic diet

ayurvedic diet

If you are interested in, there are plenty of Ayurvedic foods which is possible to prepare. Food substances can be divided into three, as there are three defects in our bodies. Each one needs exact foods to chase the errors away. The defects are va, pit, and sem or kapha.


The foods that are good for vata or va are as following:


  • Fruits that taste sweet
  • Completely cooked foods
  • So many grains
  • Beef and also fish
  • dairies not only milk but also cheese and curd
  • Eggs
  • Pepper and coriander
  • Ghee and vinegar
  • Peanut and peanut butter
  • Beer and even vine too.


You must not eat potato, barley, yogurt, lamb, turkey, and also chocolate for his defect.


Watermelons, as well as foods with the bitter taste, are suitable for pit or pitta. Almond, beer, coconut, and butter are good too. You can eat chicken and only the white part of the egg. But apricot, avocado, spinach bread, and soya must be avoided.


Prunes and carrot will better the kapha. Also granola, polenta, and lima beans are good too. But eating grapes, cucumber and oats must be stopped.


A few of the mind-numbing ayurvedic recipes at a glance!

ayurvedic recipes


It is possible to prepare almost all of the day-to-day meals following ayurvedic cooking. You can find some recipes in India which can fulfill your interest.


One is kichadi. You only need basmati rice, mung dhal, and ghee for this. Wash rice with dhal and add water. Then cover the pot and cook them well. Next; put some chopped vegetables into it and let all ingredients to cook together. Put a saucepan on the stove and put ghee, ginger, garlic, etc. After all, mix them both and eat.


Summer salad is easy too if you do not want to eat slowly. You need leafy greens, avocado, beet, lentil zucchini, and couscous. Use goat cheese and cilantro if you like. Chop all and mix them to eat. You can add salt and pepper to grow up the taste.


How do you usually eat cauliflower? First; mix cauliflower, potato, and tomato. Put ginger, coconut, cilantro, and water and blend them. Heat a pan. Put oil, cumin, mustard, and let them pop up. Put the blended mix into it. Then put cauliflower mixture with water and stir.

Finally; you have got a tasty meal.


Must-know facts about ayurvedic nutrients


Getting this kind of nutrients into your body is not so hard. You must understand that the body stays this much balanced, because of the constitutions. If they are alright, you are ok. If they change a bit, you will get sick.


Another thing to remember is that one must treat to not showing up symptoms, but his body or the roots of the illness, if he needs to be balanced again. You must address not only the body but also to the mind too. You have to remember that the DNA does a considerable duty upon your body balancing. Therefore taking nutrients is essential.


Wrapping up… 


You must take care of the daily routine of your life. Not only that, but also you must eat well and get enough sleep. But you should not overdo. They say that if you do not have a balanced diet, the medicine will not work on you. And if you have a balanced diet, of course, you do not need medication at all. Therefore try an ayurvedic diet out and feel the difference.


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