Everything about Ayurvedic Skincare at a Glance!

ayurvedic skincare

This method is not artificial but filled with natural plants. There are many flowers, leaves, barks as well as roots. Ayurveda not only drives out your illnesses but also protects your skin. That is why the ayurvedic skincare has got this much importance in one’s life.

There are three types of skins in a man’s body. Those are the Vata skin, Pitta skin, and Kapha skin. We know that our skin belongs to the first one if the surface of the skin looks dry and thin. You may feel cold when touching it. The second one seems red. You will feel the fire when you go near to the person. This one is ready to break out at any time. If you have greasy and thick skin, you belong to the Kapha type. Then you will get every quality that the water and the earth have. 

Which foods good for each skin type? – Ayurvedic skincare

You must be very careful when having a Vata type of skin because it can be easily dehydrated. You must always drink water as well as the need to use oil when cooking. It is better to do an oil massage at least once a week. You must remember to buy foods and also the other products which include water and oil. Such as,

  • Organic milk
  • Green vegetables as we eat in most of the times
  • Whole grains and
  • Fruits with juice.

It is better to steam the Pitta skin every time. Don’t buy synthetic cosmetics for your use. Do not fry the vegetables when you cook. Also, don’t add so many chilis. Do not go to the sun. Also get the foods that cool your body such as, milk. It is better to add rose petals into it. You must understand that fennel, licorice, and saffron are excellent as spices for this type of people.

The ayurvedic foods for the people who have thick skin are organic vegetables and also fruits. Eat them as much as you can get. Your skin has toxins whether you believe or not. Therefore one must have to get rid of them. Exercise every day and try to sweat much. It will remove the bad things inside the body. Do not eat sweets and oil, because they will go beyond the oil limit. Also, try to add ginger and at least a bit of black pepper into your food every time. 

Ayurvedic cleansing

ayurvedic cleanse

One cannot just depend on foods if she is keen on her skin. She must do ayurvedic cleansing once a month. 

You can do a massage at home by yourself. It is not a hard job at all. Another advantage is that it costs less and also can do it whenever you want. You have to arrange a time for this cleansing because it is much more important to protect the skin from toxins and wrinkles. 

Cleansing of the skin in accordance with the types of skin

We discussed the different skin types at the beginning of this writing.

The first type needs an oil massage to get rid of the anti-aging damages. It is better to apply a moisturizer in the morning and especially at night before you go to sleep. If it is hard to find, at least coat a baby cream. It will keep the wetness. 

The second type needs to massage their bodies with a cool one. You can use cooling oil which can find in the market. Also, it is better to use sun cream when you go out. The main thing you must understand is that artificial ingredients are not suitable for you. Always try to use natural elements when you do moisturizing as well as cleansing.

If you know how to make, and you do not feel unpleasant, the mud pack is the best cleansing for the third type of skin. 

What are the best ayurvedic soaps for you?

ayurvedic soap

There are many ayurvedic soaps if you search in the market. They can take care of your skin much more than many others. The only thing you have to do is to apply it when you wash the body and especially the face. You will find that there are soaps made of,

  • Tulsi 
  • Almond
  • Saffron 
  • Organic items
  • Sandalwood
  • Rose and 
  • Aloe-Vera.

Remember to know your skin type before you go. Buy the exact one which matches with the situation and with your skin, because you have to protect it, no matter what.

Do not let anything go beyond what you have in your skin. It will give you wrinkles and pimples. 


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